Having fun while building websites

It’s a simple fact: Eventually, building many websites will become boring. It can become repetitive after a while, so that’s why I like to put a twist on it.

So I thought, what can make this (at the moment) boring job fun? There’s got to be a solution to this problem, right?

The first potential solution I came up with was taking breaks. If a repetitive task becomes boring it’s good to take breaks, and do something else for a while. But this solution does not help the fact that the task is repetitive, it just gets your mind on other thoughts for a moment.

The second solution I thought of was making my job (building websites) more challenging because any predictable experience becomes boring. Many things can make web building more challenging. For example, I can start learning to code websites instead of using elementor, or I could make my website designs more complicated and structured.

I went with the second method because learning to code a website takes a long time and it’s not necessary anymore. I mean, if I were making websites for the top companies in the world I would probably need to code, but I won’t.

I hope this gives the reader (you) some hope to make any task a bit more fun, and make sure to leave a comment down below if you liked this post. 😉

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